Much like Google, now the New York Times revealed to be populated by fragile snowflake left-wing cultists who are “triggered” by everything

If you read Natural News on a regular basis, you know that Google is full of radical leftists and social justice warriors that hate everything related to President Trump and conservatism. Now, it appears as though the New York Times is replete with fragile snowflakes as well that get offended and “triggered” by just about everything under the sun.

It started with an innocent tweet from The Times’ “conservative” columnist Bari Weiss: “Immigrants: They get the job done.” For those that are unaware, this is a quote from the Broadway hit Hamilton, and the entire reason why Weiss tweeted it in the first place was in response to figure skater Mirai Nagasu landing a historic triple axel at the Winter Olympics in South Korea. To most people whose minds aren’t wrapped up in social justice and political correctness, this tweet seems light-hearted and innocuous; but not to the liberals at the New York Times.

A reporter for the Huffington Post by the name of Ashley Feinberg managed to get her hands on a Times internal Slack conversation which demonstrated that not only were a number of the employees at the New York Times offended by Bari Weiss’ tweet, but also that, as Fox News notes, “a significant number of Times staffers are angry and don’t enjoy working at the paper for a variety of reasons.”

“I will no longer remain silent about our hostile work environment just so that it will be pleasant for others,” wrote one employee. “Frankly micro aggressions and people being obtuse cut the deepest… and this is DAILY.”

“The diversity efforts here are nothing but lip service,” another wrote. “Let’s hire more tokens we can put in their place!!!!!”

A third employee added, “I think we are supposed to just read and weep for fear of reprisals such as being blacklisted for promotions or being targeted for the next round of buyouts/layoffs.”

These internal conversations are quite revealing on multiple fronts, the first being that clearly, the New York Times has quite a few hypersensitive leftists working for them, which would certainly explain the publication’s overwhelming liberal bias. Second, these internal conversations serve as more proof that the culture of victimization, “microaggressions” and political correctness is spreading like a plague across all levels of American society. (Related: The University of North Carolina says that complimenting a woman on her shoes is now a microaggression.)

Last August, the College Fix reported that, shockingly, professors are now being instructed to treat so-called “microaggressions” that occur in the classroom like actual assaults. Specifically, the advice was given to professors that attended the annual Association for Theatre in Higher Education conference in Las Vegas. The focus of the workshop at which the comments were made was on ways to make theater for students of color a “safe space” where they can feel more comfortable – because apparently, this country has a serious problem with making black student feel unsafe in the creative arts.

“Faculty: treat racist microaggressions in classroom as you wd assault. Overtalking puts burden on students of color,” tweeted one attendee of the conference, Penn State Professor Jeanmarie Higgins. Professor Shawna Mefferd Kelty of SUNY Plattsburgh published a similar tweet about the need for educators to treat microaggressions in the classroom in the same way that they would treat assault. (Related: A Stanford professor says that students suffer from microaggressions when they are told homework might be easy.)

Here’s a reality check for the employees of the New York Times and the professors that attended this conference last year in Vegas: Hearing things that you don’t like is part of life. No matter where you go or what job you take, you’re always going to be exposed to some kind of language that makes you feel uncomfortable – this is just the way things work, and the left’s attempts to change this reality have, quite frankly, gotten way out of hand.

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